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Reliable Crawl Space Encapsulation in Columbia Station, OH, Serving Cleveland, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Unlock Healthier Living and Transform Your Crawl Space

Are you tired of damp, musty crawl spaces ruining your home’s air quality? In Columbia Station, OH, Cleveland, OH and surrounding Areas, crawl space encapsulation is the solution you’ve been searching for. Ignoring it not only compromises the health of your family but also puts the structural integrity of your home at risk. At Pro Crawlspace Repair, we bring 15 years of experience encapsulating crawl spaces. That’s why we provide a skilled, attentive, and customized in our approach. We’re not about pushing one-size-fits-all fixes because every home is unique.

Discover the Benefits of a Fully Encapsulated Crawl Space

Considering crawl space encapsulation? The advantages are significant. Our services drastically reduce moisture, eliminate mold growth, and improve air quality in your home. Based on our extensive experience, we understand that no two properties are the same. As a leading crawlspace encapsulation company, we offer tailored solutions designed to tackle your specific issues head-on.

The Comprehensive Services Behind Our Crawl Space Solutions

At Pro Crawlspace Repair, we offer:

  • Crawl Space Sealing: We create a moisture-proof barrier. Say goodbye to unwanted dampness.
  • Encapsulating Crawl Space: This technique fully isolates your crawl space, ensuring cleaner air in your home.
  • Crawl Space Repair Services: Whether it’s a minor fix or a major repair, our crew has you covered.
  • Other Crawl Space Encapsulation Services: From start to finish, our team ensures the encapsulation process is smooth and effective.

Achieving a Healthy Crawlspace in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Debris Removal
Over the course of 50 years, your crawlspace may have accumulated all sorts of debris, from construction materials to unwanted pests and molds. At Pro Crawlspace Repair, we’ve seen it all, and we start by removing all this clutter. Anything organic in your crawlspace can serve as a potential food source for mold, so this is a crucial first step in our Crawlspace Encapsulation process.

Step 2: Eliminate Standing Water
We evaluate your crawlspace’s condition and take measures to ensure it remains dry. This might involve improving exterior grading and maintaining gutters/downspouts, or, in some cases, installing drainage and a sump pump to eliminate groundwater.

Step 3: Seal Exterior Walls and Vents
A healthy crawlspace should maintain a temperature between 50-70 degrees and humidity levels below 50%. Ohio’s climate rarely meets these criteria naturally. Vents in your crawlspace can bring in freezing air in winter, increasing heating costs and risking pipe damage. In summer, they invite hot, humid air, leading to condensation and mold growth. Our critical encapsulation process seals vents and insulates interior walls in a three-step process:

  1. We seal all air gaps, including plumbing/utility penetrations, vents, and gaps or cracks in the framing or foundation wall.
  2. We insulate the Bond, where the floor joists meet the foundation wall, to a minimum R-30 Value.
  3. We mechanically fasten 2” of moisture-resistant EPS insulation panels to the foundation wall itself (R13.1), ensuring long-lasting results.

Step 4: Isolate from Soil
Living on a dirt floor isn’t ideal, and the same goes for your crawlspace. We custom-cut a durable liner to isolate your home from the damp, contaminant-laden soil below. Our 125-mil liner is over six times thicker than the 20-mil liners used by many Cleveland-based companies. We’re so confident in its durability that we offer a transferable 25-year warranty on all our crawlspace projects.

Step 5: Air Conditioning
With the crawlspace sealed from external air and the ground below, it’s crucial to condition the remaining air. We may use your home’s HVAC ducting or install a positive air flow fan and/or a dehumidifier to ensure the air is suitable. We’ll work with you to identify the best options for your needs.

Secure Your Property’s Health Today

Ready to transform your crawl space and improve your living conditions in Columbia Station, OH, Cleveland, OH and surrounding areas? Don’t wait any longer; crawl space encapsulation is the future-proof solution you need.

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